SPD: Two attempted murder suspects in custody

Stockton Police had a VERY productive day yesterday. Although today’s call volume has not been released yet, dispatch is cooling off from a 1098 daily call average this year. To read the full crime blotter, click here.

Last night, one of the suspects was picked up on a parole violation. The newly minted San Joaquin County Sheriff’s website listed charges for both suspects as well as booking numbers. Raul Paisano was booked with discharging the firearm from a moving vehicle, being a documented gang member, and various weapons violations by a convicted felon. The evidence magazine was also listed as PC 32310 violation.

JACKSON, TAVARES DESHAWN was also booked on an attempted murder offense, by firearm. The booking time was around 9:30pm. Jackson is a reformed felon, who’s 2nd strike felony was expunged one New Year’s Day. To view court documents click here.

Booking photos are pending release from SPD’s Facebook. The two suspects are to be arranged before the bench Wednesday before the Honorable Ron Northrup.

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